who the hell...

26. září 2008 | 11.24 |

real! tiesto: Hi czechoslovakian people, I put my name into Google this morning, as I do every morning to find out how much famous am I and found one new link label. Out of curiosity i decided to visit this site and what a terrible terror..bloody hell, what is going on here? Who dares to pretend to be me? Big Tiesto, mister of gramophonic music. I will find that bastard, that meaningless coward living from my famous name and I will hunt him down until I make him suffer and cry like a little baby. As from now I put restriction on anyone who could possibly think of using my name again under my copyrights...you will stay under my watch...And who the hell is pinďa..tell him not to mess with me!!!
Don´t forget to by my new album..coming out soon

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